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  • Active Server Pages Guest Book 2.0

    This is a complete Guest Book for your web sites which is include with MS Access database which has the capibility to Get the User Comments and also
  • newObjects Active Local Pages 1.2

    ALP exposes typical WEB programming interface (ASP, CGI etc.) but is not a WEB server. The programs for ALP run as desktop applications without need
  • Active Local Pages (developer) 1.2

    Active Local Pages is an ASP (Active Server Pages) and CGI engine and several additional tools (Viewer with extended DHTML, Installer, Huge pack of
  • C++ Server Pages 1.5

    C++ Server Pages (CSP) allows developers to build Dynamic Web Pages and Web Applications by using C++. Existing C++ projects can be ported to the Web
  • Rotate Pages Pdf Server 1.0

    Rotate Pages Pdf Server will help you to rotate pages in the various PDF documents quickly and easily. Application may be used both on server and on
  • Hybrid Server Pages 1.05

    Simple Server-side component-oriented MVC Java Web Framework alternative to JSF, Wicket, Tapestry, Click etc. The framework consists of a compiler and
  • Active Local Pages (local/per seat) 1.2

    Active Local Pages is an ASP (Active Server Pages) and CGI engine and several additional tools (Viewer with extended DHTML, Installer, Huge pack of
  • Active Phone Server

    1. Answering machine plays back a greeting and records a message. Recorded messages are common wav-files. 2. Caller ID displays caller ID information
  • Active Server Image 1.12

    Powerful graphics component to create server side professionally looking charts for Microsoft ASP. Fast, Flexible, Easy to Use, ASI is a charting
  • Active Messaging Server 5.5

    Now you can securely exchange documents between co-workers by using Active Messenger because Active Messaging Server allows you to make an
  • Active Server Watcher 1.0

    Active Server Watcher (ASW) - easy to use tool that periodically checks given Internet resources and notifies you when they become unavailable. ASW
  • Active Server Flash Standard 1.5

    Active-X compone for generating web server side adverting banner, dynamic content in Macromedia swf flash format from your ASP (VBScript and
  • Linear Programming 2.0

    Linear Programming 2.0 offers you a powerful program which allows you to enter objectives and constraints into a Windows-based application. This easy
  • Game Programming 101 4.07

    The handy software program Game Programming 101 makes learning fundamentals of game programming very easy. It is very easy to use and requires 256Mb
  • XFP Programming Tools 4.7

    XFP Programming Tools is a free software application that allows you to connect your PC to the XFP fire panel.When a loop is correct then you can
  • DirectSOFT - Programming 5.30.194

    DirectSOFT5 is the new and improved version of the Windows-based PLC programming package. With many new instructions, programming is now easier,
  • Programming Editor 5.5.1

    With the support of different almost all the operating systems you can simulate and develop as many programs as you want by using Programming Editor.
  • CLICK Programming 1.33

    Programmable logic controller (PLC) or programmable controller is a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes. We still use
  • VEX Programming Driver 64-bit

    Driver for Programming Hardware Kits purchased in June 2012 or later. These drivers allow your computer to communicate with either the Cortex
  • Goetzs Programming Kit 1.0

    Works in Netscape or IE 4 or greater. It's a programming kit that works in JavaScript to allow you to easily write programs. It's easy enough for a
  • NOP Obfuscated Programming 2.2

    NOP Obfuscated Programming is very useful tool that s to avoid reverse engineering of applications. It does its task by adding source code into the
  • Programming in C in 7 Days 2.08.01

    Programming in C E-learning Course will give you required knowledge to write programs in C language. This course is suitable for people new to
  • D Programming Language 2.014

    D is a general purpose systems and applications programming language. It is a higher level language than C++, but retains the ability to write high
  • Network Programming Gear 2.6

    Using Network Programming Gear, easily and automatically build tcp-based or udp-based network protocol source code for client/server sides. pure
  • thinBasic programming language

    thin Basic is an easy to use Basic Programming Language Interpreter. It is fast, reliable, and well documented. It doesn't require any compilation or
  • BPL - Beginners Programming Language 1.1

    BPL is a great way to introduce beginners to the world of coding. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use functions, BPL 2010 Personal
  • Python Programming Language 3

    The powerful object oriented programming language Python does not only increase the speed of development but also make extra robust applications. It
  • Euphoria Programming Language 3.1.1

    With a small and handy application Euphoria you will be able to access even megabytes of your computer's memory. It is compatible with 32-bit
  • 9000 Series Programming 1.0

    The 9000 Series Programming Software is designed to set each 9000 Series amplifier function,allowing a PC to perform all operations normally
  • CPU-3 User Programming Tool 1.41

    CPU-3 User Programming Tool - Intelligent Controls for Reverse Osmosis SystemsProgramming the CPU-3:Connect the computer to the CPU-3. - Confirm that
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  • Active Delivery 3.00.01

    active Delivery is a Windows software developer's Library and utility suite for creating self-extracting Zip executables. active Delivery includes .NET Component, activeX Component, DLL and VCL programming Interfaces
  • Active Local Pages (developer) 1.2

    active Local pages is an ASP (active server pages) and CGI engine and several additional tools (Viewer with extended DHTML, Installer, Huge pack of components). With ALP desktop applications can be written in
  • Active Local Pages (local/per seat) 1.2

    active Local pages is an ASP (active server pages) and CGI engine and several additional tools (Viewer with extended DHTML, Installer, Huge pack of components). With ALP desktop applications can be written in
  • ActiveHTML 1.04.0002

    The active-server-pages that is provided by activeHTML is supported by almost every Web server. It is compatible with Microsoft ASP3.0-Standard and supports Windows XP Home as well as Sessions with every web server. Its
  • Sequel 2.0

    Sequel is an object-oriented wrapper for ODBC implementation for Win32 platforms. It means that the ODBC API is wrapped into classes, which represent all data structures and routines needed to work with databases with
  • ActiveX LDAP Client 3.12

    The activeX LDAP Client is an activeX component designed for accessing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers from Visual Basic and active server pages applications. The LDAP Client can be used from any
  • ASP Printer COM 2.1

    Print your documents, files and data from ASP pages, HTML pages or from any other programming language using just a single line of code! ASP Printer COM is a 32-bit activeX COM component (DLL) that enables you to print
  • ASP2JSP 3.0

    ASP2JSP is specifically designed for organizations wanting to convert active server pages (ASP) applications to Java server pages (JSP) and Java including the VBScript code, VB modules (.bas) and classes (.cls files).
  • ServiceUtility 1.0

    Service Utility is a useful activeX component that enables you to stop, start, bounce and query the status of Windows operating system services. It includes Visual Basic, active server pages examples. Its activeX
  • EzScript Scripting Component 1.1

    The Incredible ScriptObject Microsoft has produced many good technologies. One of most powerful, yet easy to use has been ASP (active server pages) webserver. This technology uses active Scripting languages (Now named
  • Sign Here! guestbook -

    Free guestbook for your web site. Visitors can leave comments, guestbook owner can edit, remove or reply. The guest book has easily customized interface. Users can insert Emoticons (smiles), hyperlinks and other
  • Abax Server Status 1.05

    A web server status checking script written in Perl, called using a simple tag embedded within a web PaGE. It can be setup to check multiple/individual web pages, web servers or domains. If the script finds the web
  • Orange Web Server 2.1

    Orange Web server is a servers & Network software developed by Gerry Merriam. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Orange Web server:
  • ACES Personalization Kit 2.1

    ACES Personalization Kit is a set of tools designed to enhance the Microsoft Internet Information server or Microsoft Personal Web server or any other server which supports ISAPI with additional authentication
  • ASP Nuke 0.8

    ASP Nuke is an web server software application for running a community-based web site based on PHP Nuke and Slashdot. It utilizes the active server pages scripting language on the Windows platform running Internet
  • ASP Barcode Server Component for IIS 1.1

    Easily add server-side barcodes to web applications. The ASP Barcode server Component for IIS is a server side component used to add bar codes to webpages hosted on Microsoft?IIS through ASP (active server pages). The
  • Facto 1.1b

    Facto is a collaborative, dynamic Web publishing system. It is most often used as a knowledge managment system of sorts. The system can be used for creating personal or group 'Blog' type sites. It is written entirely in
  • Active Port Pro 1.30

    active Port Pro is an activeX control used for controlling and managing any types of hardware devices via i/o ports, as well as for accessing the physical memory of a computer. active Port Pro has been initially
  • Active Directory Performance Testing Tool (ADTest.exe) 5.2.3790.1064

    ADTest is an active Directory load-generation tool. It allows you to simulate client transactions on the host server. By varying client load, you can relate the transaction rate to resource utilization on the server and
  • PCS WebCharts Pro 2.0

    The inclusive program for all those developers who are using active server pages and server-side Visual Basic Script (VBScript) to create dynamic bar and column charts is PCS WebCharts Pro. It eliminates need of
  • Mini-Server 1.0

    I wrote Mini-server primarily so that I could learn PHP programming without the need to be constantly uploading files to my website in order to use my website host's HTTP server. However, Mini-server has also turned
  • C++ Server Pages 1.5

    C++ server pages (CSP) allows developers to build Dynamic Web pages and Web Applications by using C++. Existing C++ projects can be ported to the Web by simply including the C++ source code, or by importing the C++
  • ListFiles 1.7

    ListFiles is an active server pages component for obtaining web-server's directory structure. It allows you to list web-server's files and directories via web-browser. You can customize its powerful and easy interface
  • Active Business Intelligence Portal 1.1

    active BI Portal is business intelligence software that provides an integrated solution for designing and deploying reports and web forms over the internet and intranet. active BI Portal consists of two parts active
  • screen-scraper 4.0

    screen-scraper is a tool for extracting data from Web sites. It works much like a database that enables you to mine the data of the world wide web. It provides a graphical interface allowing you to designate URL's,
  • Code Chameleon 2.1

    Easily format, optimize, cleanup and edit your scripts, programming code and web pages. Supports 20+ languages. Fully extensible - quickly create your own language definitions. Convert HTML to XHTML.Code anything easily
  • Agent Web E. Form (TM) 1.0

    Want to make your web pages more interactive? Want to get more input from visitors to your web site? Looking for a more structured, user-friendly way to gather information from customers? With Agent Web E. Form (TM), you
  • DevGuru VBScript Quick Reference Guide 5.0

    Welcome to the DevGuru VBScript Quick Reference guide. This is an extremely comprehensive 247 PaGE reference source that explains and gives examples of code, plus the resultant output, for all of the constants,
  • Problem Solved 4.6

    A Windows and Web Help Desk for under $200 Problem Solved! 4.6 is a comprehensive but easy to use help desk program which includes both a windows based application and a mini-http server that you have running in less
  • Eschelbacher Enterprises WebEditor 2009.29

    WebEditor2009 by Eschelbacher Enterprises is an online web editor which enables you to manage your web pages yourself, anytime and basically from any PC worldwide. Managing your web pages has never been easier! Now you