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  • Active Sky X 1.0.1160

    This smart and elegant weather add-on for your Flight Simulator serves its purpose in the most efficient way. Branded with elegance, simplicity,
  • Active RTF 3.1.3455.4

    Enables any developer to convert documents from HTML to RTF and RTF to HTML or XHTML. It???s easy to create customizable HTML templates using merge
  • Active CPU 1.1

    Active CPU (ACPU) - easy to use tool for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 that enables you to watch a graphical representation of your CPU's activity. When
  • Active SMS 0.6.1

    Active SMS is a framework for creating and sending SMS messages. * Development Status: 3 - ALPHA * Environment: Web Environment * Intended
  • Active Keys 2.41

    Active Keys is an advance tool use to control all the software that you are using on your system while creating shortcut keys for them. By using
  • Active Tray 2.2.1

    For most PC users, the Windows System Tray is used to occasionally check the date and time, and, more rarely, to run a program or two. Yet, this
  • Active WMA Studio 1.1

    Active WMA Studio is the audio conversion utility with Explorer-like interface, It enables you to encode WAV, MP3 and OGG files to WMA (Windows Media
  • Active GIF Creator 3.6

    With Image Tools Group Active GIF Creator you can create fabulous animated GIF images for the Web.
  • Active LogView

    Active LogView is the next generation log analysis program. Webmaster can get access to the statistics very quickly as there is no need to download
  • Active ICONStudio 5.0

    Active ICONStudio 5.0 is a popular and very powerful Advanced Icon & Cursor Creator, Icon Editor, Extractor and Cursor Animator for the PC. The
  • Active Webcam 3.5

    There are a lot of webcams, most of which are not as efficient as they look. The most efficient webcam that can work perfectly with compatible windows
  • Active CHAOS 5.0

    Active CHAOS is the utility program that creates active public keys. Active key is an executable program that contains a public key and the software
  • Active Key Logger

    See what happens on your PC wherever you are. Protect your kids or catch cheating spouses by logging chats and instant messenger conversations. Email
  • Active Keyboard 3.1

    HotKey Program, Launch applications, documents, and URLs, and over 80 other actions to hot keys - Create shortcut keys supporting both mouse and
  • Active@ UNDELETE 9.0.63

    Active UNDELETE is powerful Data Recovery software that helps you to recover lost, deleted and formatted data from Hard Drives, Floppy Disks, Dynamic
  • Active TTS Component 2.0.2015.419

    Do you ever want to convert text to audio? Active TTS is what you want. It can convert text to mp3, text to wma or text to wav on the fly using the
  • Active Ball 1.1

    New things are cool, but classics are better. And no game gets closer to that status as Arkanoid, which was based on Ping - the first computer game
  • Active WallPaper 2008

    Active Suite 2008 is a set of 3 parts : - Active WallPaper which will display your photos on the desktop, without ever distort them, with powerful
  • Active Ball for SPV 1.3

    New things are cool, but classics are better. And no game gets closer to that status as Arkanoid, which was based on Ping - the first computer game
  • Active Port Pro 1.30

    Active Port Pro is an ActiveX control used for controlling and managing any types of hardware devices via i/o ports, as well as for accessing the
  • Active Lines 1.5

    Active Lines is famous puzzle game. The game is easy to play. All you have to do is just moving balls arranging them in lines. But sometimes you have
  • Active MP3 Tray 2.0

    Active MP3 Tray is a powerful music manager and mp3 organizer which helps you to organize and manage all music files on your computer. It scans your
  • Active ISO Burner 3.0.0

    Active@ ISO Burner 3.0.0 is a simple-to-use dialog-style software to burn CD/DVD/Blue Ray ISO images compatible with the ISO 9660 standard. Automated
  • Active SMART 2.98

    ActiveSMART is a well known failure prediction software for hard drives and disk space audit tool. It uses S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and
  • Active Shield 5.6

    Active Shield is an ultimate heuristic screen that actively protects your computer from trojans, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers, keyloggers, and
  • Active CallerID 4.0.1

    Active Caller ID is a powerful full-featured Caller ID detection software that will turn your PC into an advanced Caller ID device. It uses your MODEM
  • Passwords Active 1.3

    Passwords Active enables you to create random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack or guess due to an optional
  • Active Lock 3.0

    Active Lock can convert any USB storage device into an access key for Windows. Access your Windows computer in an easy, fast and secure way by using
  • Active WebTraffic 9.2.4

    Active WebTraffic is a professional web promotion software that includes everything you need to submit, position and promote your website to search
  • Active MediaMagnet 5.8.0

    Active Media Magnet is the first software product that completely automates your press releases management and internet publicity strategy! Now
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  • Active@ Boot Disk 8.1.0

    Active Boot Disk Professional is a fabulous application that combines six powerful tools that enables you to recover your lost data, reset Windows passwords, make computer system backups and securely erase data. It's
  • Active Boot Disk 7.5.3

    You can use the Active Boot Disk Professional Provided six exclusive tools for recovering lost data as well as for resetting Windows passwords, removing data securely and for making computer system backups. You can use
  • JiJi AD Bulk Manager 3.4

    JiJi Bulk Users Tools Enables Active Directory Bulk Export Active Directory Bulk Import Active Directory Bulk Users Creation Active Directory Bulk Modification Active Directory Bulk Password Reset Active Directory Bulk
  • JiJi Active Directory Management Suite

    Active Directory Reports-Active Directory Reports enables Active Directory computer Reports Active Directory OU Reports Active Directory User Reports Active Directory Group Reports Active Directory NTFS Reports Active
  • Active Directory Cleanup Tool

    Active Directory Reports- Active Directory Reports enables Active Directory computer Reports Active Directory OU Reports Active Directory User Reports Active Directory Group Reports Active Directory NTFS Reports Active
  • JiJi Active Directory Cleaner 3.4

    Active Directory Cleaner JiJi Active Directory Cleaner Tools Enables Active Directory Old Object Cleaner Active Directory Unused Account Cleaner Old Account Cleaner InActive Account Cleaner Active Directory Outdated
  • JiJi Active Directory Reports 6

    Active Directory Reports Tools Enables Active Directory Audit Reports Direct Reports Exchange Reports OU Reports Security Reports NTFS Reports Group Reports User Reports from Active Directory. JiJi Active Directory
  • Active Business Intelligence Portal 1.1

    Active BI Portal is business intelligence software that Provides an integrated solution for designing and deploying reports and web forms over the internet and intranet. Active BI Portal consists of two parts Active
  • Advanced VB Active Accessibility Sample 1.0

    The sample application demonstrating Active Accessibility in "Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Second Edition" ISBN 1-57231-893-7, does not function correctly with version 1.22 or later of the Active Accessibility
  • Active DVD to ASF Ripper 1.5

    Active DVD to ASF Ripper is a Professional and powerful DVD Ripper Software to convert your favorite DVD movies to ASF videos. Like many similar DVD ripping utilities, this application is a spiffed-up front end for
  • Microsoft-Active Directory Topology Diagrammer 2.2.4146

    With the Active Directory Topology Diagrammer tool, you can read your Active Directory structure through LDAP. The Active Directory Topology Diagrammer tool automates Microft Office Visio to draw a diagram of the
  • Active DVD to PSP Ripper 1.3

    Active DVD to PSP Ripper is the handy and powerful software for converting DVD to PSP (MP4,H.264) movies with perfect output quality and amazing speed. Active DVD to PSP Ripper Provides you excellent image and luxuriant
  • Active Directory Tool 9.12.01

    Active Directory Reporting tool is effective, impeccable, comprehensive, and output-driven software specially designed to manage Active Directory in easiest manner. Multiple Active Directory features such as query Active
  • Directory Lock To Sync 3.1

    This application can Lock a folder , using feature of OS registery so, the advantage is that this Program don't do much on your folder, so your file wont destroy becuz of locking... Features:simple design Active
  • Active DVD to MP4 Ripper 2.0

    Active DVD to MP4 Ripper is a powerful DVD ripper which can convert DVD videos and movies to MP4, H.264 video formats. Using Active DVD to MP4 Ripper, you will get any DVD movie ripped and converted to the Proper format
  • Active Directory Change Tracker 2.4

    Active Directory Change Tracker, a powerful tool to track, analyze, and report all changes made to your AD configuration. Active Directory Change Tracker audits all changes made to your Active Directory by
  • Active Directory Sizer 2.0.1005.1

    Now you can easily estimate the size of hardware for installing Active Directory in your organization with handy and inclusive software application Active Directory Sizer. It uses your company Profile as well as the
  • Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser 2.0

    Active@ KillDisk is a quality security application that destroys data permanently from anycomputer that can be started using a DOS floppy disk. Active@ KillDisk Professional conforms to US Department of Defense
  • AD Unlocker Pro

    If you're looking for an easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution for managing locked out users in your Active Directory, then your logical choice is AD Unlocker Pro. AD Unlocker Pro is a small application that will
  • Active CHAOS 5.0

    Active CHAOS is the utility Program that creates Active public keys. Active key is an executable Program that contains a public key and the software necessary to encrypt messages and decrypt the answer-back messages.
  • DSRAZOR 1.0

    DSRAZOR for Windows from Visual Click Software is your answer to Windows and Active Directory management and reporting. When you use DSRAZOR you will be able to precisely interact with your Windows and Active Directory
  • YAADE 1.00

    YAADE, or Yet Another Active Directory Editor, makes Active Directory bulk-editing easier than ever! The ListView display of all Users in the selected OU let's you change all Active Directory Properties on the fly and
  • betty boop in the grass screensaver -

    This screensaver has a float effect. Matching Active Theme, Active WallPaper, and OE Stationery
  • betty boop float effect screensaver -

    This screensaver has a float effect. Matching Active Theme, Active WallPaper, and OE Stationery
  • betty boop red screensaver -

    This screensaver has a float effect. Matching Active Theme, Active WallPaper, and OE Stationery
  • Active Directory User Editor 1.0

    Ever wanted to DeleGate editing of User content to HR or Admin staff, instead of letting employee user data beeing managed by expensive IT-Staff? With Active Directory User Editor, End users can edit user content
  • Spotlight on Active Directory

    The Quest Spotlight® on Active Directory Pack monitors Active Directory performance and Provides you with the information you need to resolve issues before they impact users and deteriorate Productivity. It can be
  • Rural Snow WonderScreen Wallpaper 1.0

    WonderScreens are actually desktop wallpapers that are Active. It may be scrolling, you may see Snow falling, or any number of different effects. Our Rural Snow is actually snowing!Anyone using Windows 95/98 with
  • AD Inspector 1.0

    This appliatin is a simple Explorer-style interface for Active Directory Account management and reporting. AD inSpector significantly reduces the administrative burden of identifying and remediating Active Directory
  • Active Delivery 3.00.01

    Active Delivery is a Windows software developer's Library and utility suite for creating self-extracting Zip executables. Active Delivery includes .NET Component, ActiveX Component, DLL and VCL Programming Interfaces